2011 Alice Hamilton Scholarship Winners

    The 2011 Colorado Archaeological Society Alice Hamilton Scholarship Award Committee awarded $3,450 this spring to a field of nine Scholars consisting of two undergraduate students, four Masters Candidates and three PhD Candidates.

    All of this year’s applicants were well qualified and were supported with Letters of Recommendation from top archaeological educators and researchers around Colorado. The Scholars were from four institutions across the state, and projects involved research from Paleo-Indian through Historic periods.

    The Scholarship requirement is that students be enrolled with at least half-time load at a Colorado institution of higher education in archaeology or related field. Awards are made on the quality of the application and worthiness of the project as it pertains to the enrichment of the field of archaeology, with an emphasis on Colorado, Southwestern or Rocky Mountain archaeology.

    The Scholarship fund monies are generated by donation and through fund-raising activities at the State and local Chapter levels. $750 is the maximum award allowed to any one student.

The 2011 Alice Hamilton Scholars are:

Jessica Hedgepeth, Doctoral Candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder -- $500

For dissertation fieldwork: Investigation into settlement patterns and human-environment interaction in the Lower Rio Verde Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Cody Newton, Doctoral Candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder -- $600

For dissertation laboratory analysis: Obsidian sourcing and macro-botanical analysis from proto-historical sites in southwest Wyoming/northwest Colorado


Jacob Sedig, Doctoral Candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder -- $600

For dissertation fieldwork: Preliminary investigation of the Woodrow Ruin, a rare unlooted Mimbres site near Cliff, NM


Lauren Brooks, Masters Candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder -- $250

Thesis field and laboratory work at the on-going excavation of the extensive site of Villa Maxentius in Italy


Andrew Carroll, Masters Candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder -- $300

Thesis laboratory work at Poggio Civitate, Italy, to create a comprehensive catalog of roof-tile markings


Catherine Johns, Masters Candidate, University of Colorado, Denver -- $375

Thesis lab-work: For ceramic design analysis in a poorly understood area between central Mexico and US Southwest.  Collections involved are non-exportable, and under a return deadline (and likely destruction) to the loaning museum.


David Williams, Masters Candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder -- $375

Thesis laboratory expenses: For first systematic study of obsidian sourcing in the Lower Rio Verde Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico


Jones LeFae, Undergraduate, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs -- $250

For Field School in Belize, iin preparation for graduate study in Meso-American archaeology


Ian Anderson, Undergraduate, Western State College, Gunnison -- $200

For tuition at Western State College.



    A heartfelt thank-you is extended to all students who applied, and to the thirteen educators and other professionals who wrote letters of recommendation for the applicants. It is very interesting and rewarding for the committee members to read and rank the applications. The deci-sions were, as always, quite difficult. Scholars are encouraged to apply in subsequent years, if they still meet the eligibility requirements.

C.A.S. requires that the Scholars submit a short written summary on how the monies were used. They are also strongly encouraged to present their research findings or a progress report at the C.A.S. annual meeting, or at a local Chapter monthly meeting or newsletter, as appropriate. Completed papers may also be submitted for publication in C.A.S.’ respected quarterly journal, Southwestern Lore. This dissemination of our funded research results is of significant benefit to the C.A.S. membership, to the individual Scholar and to the profession.

    This report is being sent to all Scholars, their references, C.A.S. Chapters and to various Colorado public and educational entities as a press release. C.A.S. members who are interested in reading applications may contact the Committee via email, phone or mail.


Philip C. Williams

Chair, C.A.S. Alice Hamilton Scholarship Fund Committee