Index to Southwestern Lore, Journal of the Colorado Archaeological Society, 1935 - 2015
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Endner, H.W.  1935  A Message from the President.  (1)1:1-3.
Evans, Trader  1935  Navajo Folk Lore.  (1)1:10-16.
Hurst, C.T.  1935  A Case of Synostosis.  (1)1:16-17.
Anonymous  1935  Courses in Anthropology at Western State College.  (1)1:17.
Renaud, E.B.  1935  Arrowhead Types of Colorado.  (1)1:4-6.
Jones, Charlotte M.  1935  The Cliff Dweller Escapes from the Museum.  (1)1:6.
Casey, Pearle R.  1935  Ten Little Pueblenos.  (1)1:7-9.
Montgomery, R.G.  1935  Echoes at Cliff Palace.  (1)1:9.
Hurst, C.T.  1935  Editorial Comment.  (1)2:1-3.
Lotrich, Victor F.  1935  Little Lessons in Archaeology.  (1)2:12-13.
Montrose Daily Press  1935  McKee Honored by Naming House For Him at Mesa Verde.  (1)2:13.
Hurst, C.T.; Lotrich, V.F.  1935  The Gunnison Collection-I.  (1)2:14-16.
McKee, Thomas M.  1935  Experiences in Mesa Verde.  (1)2:17-22.
Anonymous  1935  Some Interesting Books.  (1)2:3.
Anonymous  1935  Questions and Answers.  (1)2:4-5.
Renaud, E.B.  1935  Classification and Description of Arrowheads.  (1)2:5-8.
MacClary, John Stewart  1935  Ancient American "Mystery" Stories.  (1)2:8-12.
Hurst, C.T.  1935  Editorial Thoughts.  (1)3:1-2.
Franke, Paul R.  1935  Mesa Verde's Place in the Southwest Story.  (1)3:11-16.
Hurst, C.T.  1935  The Lost Mine.  (1)3:16-17.
Hargrave, Lyndon L.  1935  Concerning the Names of Southwestern Pottery Types.  (1)3:17-23.
Anonymous  1935  More Interesting Books.  (1)3:2.
Casey, Pearle R.  1935  The Potter of San Ildefonso.  (1)3:3.
Cosby, E. Gordon  1935  San Ildefonso.  (1)3:3-5.
Anonymous  1935  Questions and Answers.  (1)3:5-6.
Hurst, C.T.; Lotrich, V.F.  1935  The Gunnison Collection-II.  (1)3:6-11.
Hurst, C.T.  1936  Of Interest to Members.  (1)4:1-2.
Casey, Pearle R.  1936  Chimayo, The Ageless Village.  (1)4:12-13.
Ferris, J.S.  1936  The Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Western State College of Colorado.  (1)4:14-16.
Anonymous  1936  Questions and Answers.  (1)4:16.
Spencer, Lilian White  1936  Fairy Tales of Archaeology-I.  (1)4:17-18.
Clubb, R.E.  1936  The Natives of the Western Hemisphere.  (1)4:18-21.
Anonymous  1936  Interesting Books.  (1)4:2.
Renaud, E.B.  1936  Racial Mixture of Mesa Verde Indians.  (1)4:3-5.
Postlethwaite, W.W.  1936  Digging.  (1)4:6-8.
Roberts, Frank H.H., Jr.  1936  Problems in American Archaeology.  (1):8-11.
Hurst, C.T.  1936  The Editor's Page.  (2)1:1-3.
MacClary, John Stewart  1936  Last of the Seven Cities of Cibola.  (2)1:11-16.
Spencer, Lilian White  1936  Fairy Tales of Archaeology-II.  (2)1:17-19.
Faber, E.B.  1936  A Jurassic Tragedy.  (2)1:19-21.
Hagie, C.E.  1936  An Observation from Minnesota.  (2)1:21-22.
Anonymous  1936  A Few Papers on the Chaco Canyon.  (2)1:22.
Anonymous  1936  Questions and Answers.  (2)1:23-24.
Renaud, E.B.  1936  Old Stone Age Industries from Southern Wyoming.  (2)1:3-7.
Hurst, C.T.; Lotrich, V.F.  1936  The Gunnison Collection-III.  (2)1:8-11.
Hurst, C.T.  1936  The First Annual Meeting.  (2)2:25.
Hurst, C.T.; Lotrich, V.F.  1936  The Gunnison Collection-IV.  (2)2:26-28.
Hargrave, Lyndon L.  1936  Notes on Red Ware from Bluff, Utah.  (2)2:29-34.
Anonymous  1936  Denver University Summer Field Work, 1936.  (2)2:34.
Price, Phil  1936  The Gift of the Corn Maidens.  (2)2:35-38.
Guthe, Carl E.  1936  The Society for American Archaeology.  (2)2:38.
McGregor, J.C.  1936  The Time Factor in Archaeology.  (2)2:39-40.
Anonymous  1936  Question and Answer.  (2)2:41-42.
Hurst, C.T.  1936  We Need to Discourage Exploitation.  (2)2:42-43.
Hurst, C.T.  1936  Editorial Comment.  (2)3:45.
Kidder, A.V.  1936  The Archaeology of Peripheral Regions.  (2)3:46-48.
Wo-Peen  1936  Indian Art.  (2)3:48.
Casey, Pearle R.  1936  The Spirit of Taos.  (2)3:50.
Montgomery, Rutherford G.  1936  Notes on Southwestern Art.  (2)3:51-53.
Trager, George L.  1936  A Note on "Primitive" Languages.  (2)3:53-57.
Renaud, E.B.  1936  Pictographs and Petroglyphs of Colorado-I.  (2)3:57-60.
Hurst, C.T.; Lotrich, V.F.  1936  The Gunnison Collection-V.  (2)3:62-63.
Hurst, C.T.  1937  Future Plans.  (2)4:65-67.
Roberts, Frank H.H., Jr.  1937  The Material Culture of Folsom Man as Revealed at the Lindenmeier Site.  (2)4:67-73.
Casey, Pearle R.  1937  Indian Country.  (2)4:73.
Renaud, E.B.  1937  Pictographs and Petroglyphs of Colorado-II.  (2)4:74-79.
Patterson, J.L.  1937  The Temple of Rinconado.  (2)4:80-83.
Root, Homer E.  1937  An Artistic Museum Display.  (2)4:80.
Hurst, C.T.  1937  Editorial Notes.  (3)1:1.
Spencer, Lilian White  1937  Fairy Tales of Archaeology-III.  (3)1:10-12.
Renaud, E.B.  1937  Pictographs and Petroglyphs of Colorado-III.  (3)1:12-19.
Douglas, Frederic H.  1937  Some Indian Design Styles and Their Possible Origins.  (3)1:2-7.
Casey, Pearle R.  1937  Two Tales of the Utes.  (3)1:7-10.
Etherton, Bill  1937  Artifacts Among the Sand Dunes.  (3)2:21-22.
Hurst, C.T.  1937  The 1937 Meeting.  (3)2:21.
Brown, F. Martin  1937  The Prehistoric Ruins of Castle Park.  (3)2:22-28.
McGregor, John C.  1937  A Small Island of Culture Near Flagstaff, Arizona.  (3)2:28-32.
Casey, Pearle R.  1937  When the Red Gods Call.  (3)2:32-35.
Renaud, E.B.  1937  Pictographs and Petroglyphs of Colorado-IV.  (3)2:35-40.
Drea, W.F.  1937  X-Ray Study of an Indian Fetish.  (3)3:42-45.
Hurst, C.T.  1937  The New Officers.  (3)3:42.
Renaud, E.B.  1937  Pictographs and Petroglyphs of Colorado-V.  (3)3:45-48.
Hurst, C.T.  1937  The Gunnison Collection-IV.  (3)3:48-52.
Anonymous  1937  The New Curator of Archaeology.  (3)3:53.
Hargrave, Lyndon L.  1937  A New Sub-Culture in Arizona.  (3)3:54-57.
Jones, Charlotte Gorman  1937  Travelogue.  (3)3:57.
Walker, D.B.  1937  Dinosaur Tracks in a Coal Mine.  (3)3:58.
Daniels, Helen Sloan; Lathrop, Marguerite D.; Hurst, C.T.  1937  Chapter Notes.  (3)3:59-60.
Renaud, E.B.  1938  A Message from the New President.  (3)4:62-64.
Colton, Harold S.  1938  The Economic Geography of the Winona Phase.  (3)4:64-66.
Leh, Leonard L.  1938  Some Surprises at the Wilson Ruins in San Juan County, Utah.  (3)4:66-73.
Cornelius, Olive Frazier  1938  Basket Maker Sandals (?).  (3)4:74-78.
Utt, James A.; Nelson, Jack L.; Daniels, Helen Sloan; Lathrop, Marguerite D.  1938  Field and Chapter Notes.  (3)4:79-80.
Baldwin, Gordon C.  1938  Basket Maker and Pueblo Sandals.  (4)1:1-6.
Hurst, C.T.  1938  The Gunnison Collection-VII.  (4)1:14-17.
Hopkins, Harry L.  1938  Texas Diggers Find Bones of Prehistoric Horses and Dogs.  (4)1:18.
Hurst, C.T.; Daniels, Helen Sloan; Lathrop, Marguerite D.  1938  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (4)1:19-20.
Jones, Charlotte Gorman  1938  The Mesa Verde Man Visits the Fortune Teller.  (4)1:19.
Zingg, Robert M.  1938  The Southwestern Affiliations of Tarahumara Culture.  (4)1:6-9.
Casey, Pearle R.  1938  The Nation that Vanished.  (4)1:9-14.
Baldwin, Gordon C.  1938  A New Pottery Type from Eastern Arizona.  (4)2:21-26.
Hurst, C.T.  1938  The 1938 Meeting.  (4)2:21.
Renaud, E.B.  1938  A Graphic Method of Material Culture Analysis.  (4)2:27-29.
Casey, Pearle R.  1938  Buckskin Charlie, Chief of the Utes.  (4)2:30-33.
Anonymous  1938  The 1938 Art Festival.  (4)2:33-37.
Evans, William  1938  The Venerable Hos-Too-E Discuss Owls.  (4)2:37-38.
Utt, James A.; Williams, Irene; Boyd, Henrietta; Daniels, Helen Sloan  1938  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (4)2:38-39.
Renaud, E.B.  1938  The Snake Among the Petroglyphs from North-Central New Mexico.  (4)3:42-47.
Hargrave, Lyndon L.  1938  A Plea for More Careful Preservation of All Biological Material from Prehistoric Sites.  (4)3:47-52.
Hammock, Earl G.  1938  Notes on Art.  (4)3:52-54.
Hurst, C.T.  1938  The Gunnison Collection-VIII.  (4)3:54-57.
Renaud, E.B.; Hurst, C.T.; McConnell, H.N.; Williams, Irene; Walker, D.B.  1938  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (4)3:57-59.
Postlethwaite, W.W.  1939  The President's Message.  (4)4:61-62.
Renaud, E.B.  1939  The Age of Skulls.  (4)4:62-68.
Leh, Leonard L.  1939  Further Studies at the Wilson Ruins.  (4)4:68-72.
Weyrauch, Genevieve  1939  Ouray, Chief of the Utes.  (4)4:72-77.
Hurst, C.T.; Leh, Leonard L.; Rooney, Sam J.; Ellis, Dorothy; Weyrauch, Genevieve  1939  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (4)4:77-79.
Casey, Pearle R.  1939  Of Spirit Bondage.  (5)1:1.
Roberts, Frank H.H., Jr.  1939  The Aztecs.  (5)1:1-6.
Walker, Dexter B.  1939  Mineralogy of Artifacts.  (5)1:14-15.
Porter, Robert G.  1939  Stone, Porter and Stewart.  (5)1:16-17.
Patterson, J.L.  1939  Chaco Dreams.  (5)1:17-20.
Hurst, C.T.; Macy, Guy E.; Boyd, Henrietta H.; Pearsall, Al; Leh, L.L.; Daniels, Helen Sloan  1939  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (5)1:20.
Pearsall, Al  1939  Evidence of Pueblo Culture in San Luis Valley.  (5)1:7-9.
Evans, Cecelia; Sowers, Ted, Jr.  1939  First Survey on Upper Puerco-Jemez Pottery.  (5)1:9-14.
Huscher, Harold A.  1939  Influence of the Drainage Pattern of the Uncompahgre Plateau on the Movements of Primitive Peoples.  (5)2:22-41.
Breasted, James H., Jr.  1939  The Place of Archaeology in the Modern World.  (5)3:43-48.
Baldwin, Gordon C.  1939  A Basket Maker III Sandal Tablet.  (5)3:48-52.
McGregor, John C.  1939  Archaeological Problems.  (5)3:52-56.
Hurst, C.T.  1939  A Ute Shelter in Saguache County, Colorado.  (5)3:57-64.
Editorial Staff  1939  An Outline for the Study of Archaeology-I.  (5)3:64-66.
Hurst, C.T.; Macy, Guy E.; Leh, L.L.; Weyrauch, Genevieve; McConnell, H.N.  1939  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (5)3:66-67.
Leh, Leonard L.  1940  The President's Message.  (5)4:68-69.
Renaud, E.B.  1940  The Clactonian Flaking Technique in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  (5)4:69-72.
Bartlett, Evelyn  1940  Recent Books on the Southwest.  (5)4:73-76.
Connolly, Florence  1940  Two Pottery Types from East-Central Arizona. A Revised and a New Description.  (5)4:77-78.
Evans, Will  1940  Eclipse of Moon Mars Navajo Fire Dance.  (5)4:78-79.
Hurst, C.T.  1940  The Gunnison Collection-IX.  (5)4:79-81.
Anonymous  1940  The 1939 Art Festival.  (5)4:81-83.
Editorial Staff  1940  An Outline for the Study of Archaeology-II.  (5)4:84-85.
Anonymous  1940  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (5)4:85-87.
Casey, Pearle R.  1940  Nineteen Forty Looks at Fifteen Forty.  (6)1:1-4.
Hill, Gertrude  1940  Papago Legends from Santa Rosa, Arizona-I the Man Transformed into an Eagle.  (6)1:18-20.
Morton, Harry C.  1954  Excavation of a Rock Shelter in Elbert County, Colorado.  (20)3:30-41.
Leh, Leonard L.  1940  A Prehistoric Population Center in the Southwest.  (6)2:21-25.
Huscher, Betty H.; Huscher, Harold A.  1940  Conventionalized Bear-Track Petroglyphs of the Uncompahgre Plateau.  (6)2:25-28.
Boyd, Henrietta H.  1940  Saguache Antelope Traps.  (6)2:28-34.
Hill, Gertrude  1940  Papago Legends from Santa Rosa, Arizona-II Hawk-Woman and the First Tobacco.  (6)2:34-37.
Editorial Staff  1940  An Outline for the Study of Archaeology-III.  (6)2:37-38.
Anonymous  1940  Editorial, Chapter, and Field Notes.  (6)2:38-39.
Anonymous  1940  Courses in Archaeology 1940-1941 Western State College Announcement.  (6)2:40.
Renaud, E.B.  1941  Classifications and Descriptions of Indian Stone Artifacts.  (6)3 and 4:1-36.
Casey, Pearle R.  1941  The Patriarch.  (7)1:1.
Editor  1941  Editorial Notes.  (7)1:19.
Anonymous  1941  1941 General Meeting Announcement.  (7)1:2.
Leh, Leonard L.  1941  A Message from the President.  (7)1:2-4.
Anonymous  1941  Southwest Program Summer Session 1941 Western State College Announcement.  (7)1:20.
Hurst, C.T.  1940  Preliminary Work in Tabeguache Cave-1939.  (6)1:4-18.
Opler, Marvin H.  1941  A Colorado Ute Indian Bear Dance.  (7)2:21-30.
Feineman, Betty Ann  1941  Trail of Montezuma.  (7)2:30.
Hurst, C.T.  1941  A Folsom Location in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.  (7)2:31-34.
Editorial Staff  1941  An Outline for the Study of Archaeology-IV.  (7)2:35.
Anonymous  1941  Courses in Archaeology Fall 1941 Western State College Announcement.  (7)2:36.
Feineman, Betty Ann  1941  Dust Bowl.  (7)2:36.
Leh, Leonard L.  1941  Archaeology and the Amateur.  (7)3:37-42.
Ives, Ronald L.  1941  A Cultural Hiatus in the Rocky Mountain Region.  (7)3:42-46.
Anonymous  1941  Report of Committee on Charter Revision and Map Project.  (7)3:46-51.
Editorial Staff  1941  An Outline for the Study of Archaeology-V.  (7)3:51-52.
Anonymous  1941  1942 General Meeting Announcement.  (7)3:52.
Pearsall, A.L.  1942  President's Message.  (7)4:53-54.
Hagie, C.E.  1942  Does Anybody Know?.  (7)4:54.
Renaud, E.B.  1942  Some Indian Stone Enclosures.  (7)4:55-57.
Minor, Earl V.  1942  The Rocky Ford Museum.  (7)4:57-59.
Anonymous  1942  Three Outstanding Publications.  (7)4:59-60.
Endner, Harry W.  1942  A Pacific Northwest Pipe.  (7)4:60-61.
Hurst, C.T.  1942  Interpreting a Human Skull Fragment.  (7)4:61-63.
Editor  1942  The Colorado Archaeological Society.  (7)4:63.
Editorial Staff  1942  An Outline for the Study of Archaeology-VI.  (7)4:64-65.
Editor  1942  The Folsom-Yuma Problem.  (7)4:65-67.
Moyer, Don; McConnell, H.N.; Postlethwaite, W.W.; Dennon, H.E.; Dunnells, Leslie; Hackett, Marian N.; Cornellius, Temple H.; Taylor, Morris F.; Meyer, Frank  1942  Editorial and Chapter Notes.  (7)4:67-68.
Anonymous  1942  The 1942 Meeting.  (8)1:1.
Dondelinger, N.W.; Tatum, R.M.  1942  Preliminary Survey of Sites in Las Animas County, Colorado.  (8)1:2-6.
Hurst, C.T.  1942  Completion of Work in Tabeguache Cave.  (8)1:7-16.
Anonymous  1942  1942 Meeting the Colorado Archaeological Society.  (8)2:17-18.
Mera, H.P.; Robb, H.H.; Renaud, E.B.; Boyd, Henrietta H.; Casey, Pearle R.  1942  Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 1942 Meeting, Colorado Archaeological Society, Monte Vista, July 18.  (8)2:18-24.
Sowers, Ted C.  1942  Petroglyphs of the Chaco Canyon Area.  (8)2:24-26.
Easton, Frank L.  1942  Art.  (8)2:26-28.
Anonymous  1942  Museum of Archaeology of Western State College Announcement.  (8)2:28.
Anonymous  1942  Official Roster The Colorado Archaeological Society.  (8)3:29-30.
Executive Secretary  1942  Of Interest to Members.  (8)3:29.
Douglas, Frederic H.  1942  Some Thoughts on Museum Displays.  (8)3:30-33.
Renaud, E.B.  1942  The Rio Grande Points.  (8)3:33-36.
Hurst, C.T.  1942  The Gunnison Collection-X.  (8)3:36-40.
Anonymous  1942  Plans for Summer Program 1943 at Western State College Announcement.  (8)3:40.
Wise, O.C.  1943  A Message from the President.  (8)4:41.
Leh, Leonard L.  1943  Two Archaeological Workshops in Boulder, Colorado.  (8)4:42-48.
Postlethwaite, W.W.  1943  Indians and Spaniards in the Southwest 1540-1700.  (8)4:48-52.
Wise, O.C.; Robb, Howard H.; Erickson, Carl A.; Hurst, C.T.  1943  The 1943 Meeting.  (9)1:1.
Hurst, C.T.  1943  Preliminary Work in Tabeguache Cave II.  (9)1:10-2,14-6.
Thorson, Inez Clark  1943  Desert Wife.  (9)1:13.
McGregor, John C.  1943  A Good Report.  (9)1:1-2,4-6.
Hafen, Ann Woodbury  1943  Spanish Padres.  (9)1:3.
Renaud, E.B.  1943  Vertical Compound Sites.  (9)1:6-10.
Huscher, Betty H.; Huscher, Harold A.  1943  The Hogan Builders of Colorado.  (9)2:1-92.
Miller, Nellie Burget  1943  Oh, To See the Pale Rain Walking.  (9)3:1.
Eberling, Georgia Moore  1943  Santa Fe at Dusk.  (9)3:10.
Fish, Lisbeth  1943  Awareness.  (9)3:11.
Miller, Nellie Burget  1943  Impressions of New Mexico.  (9)3:11.
Anonymous  1943  The Contributors.  (9)3:12.
Keech, Roy A.  1943  Battleship Rock.  (9)3:2.
Keech, Roy A.  1943  Old Mission Bell.  (9)3:2.
Swallow, Alan  1943  The Cliff Ruin.  (9)3:3.
Agnew, Edith  1943  The Canyon.  (9)3:4.
Hutchinson, Elizabeth A.  1943  Sanctuary.  (9)3:5.
Rife, Rosemary  1943  Night Wind.  (9)3:5.
Dodge, Natt N.  1943  Rito de los Frijoles.  (9)3:6.
Minturn, Ann Lonsdale  1943  The Little Tesuque.  (9)3:7.
McNaul, Katherine W.  1943  Hilltop Morning.  (9)3:8.
Criswell, Julia  1943  Early American.  (9)3:9.
Casey, Pearle R.  1944  A Review.  (9)4:1-2.
Anonymous  1944  Summer School Sessions of Western State College Announcement.  (9)4:11.
Keech, Roy A.  1944  Advice to a Young Ethnologist.  (9)4:12.
Renaud, E.B.  1944  Boulder and Fence Sites.  (9)4:2-5.
Reed, Erik K.  1944  The Place of Citadel Polychrome in San Juan Orangeware.  (9)4:5-7.
Reed, Erik K.  1944  Late Redware Intrusives in the Mesa Verde Focus.  (9)4:7-9.
Tatum, R.M.  1944  A War-Time Project for Colorado Archaeologists.  (9)4:9-11.
Taylor, H.W.  1944  A Review of From Cave Dwelling to Mount Olympus.  (10)1:1-2.
Criswell, Julia  1944  The Pottery Maker.  (10)1:15.
Anonymous  1944  Publications of The Colorado Archaeological Society.  (10)1:16.
Anonymous  1944  Summer School Sessions of Western State College Announcement.  (10)1:16.
Hurst, C.T.  1944  1943 Excavation in Cave II, Tabeguache Canyon, Montrose County, Colorado.  (10)1:2-14.
Postlethwaite, W.W.  1944  A Review of The Navaho, by Frances E. Watkins.  (10)2:17-19.
Renaud, E.B.  1944  The Nose of the Pueblo Indians.  (10)2:19-23.
Anonymous  1944  Review of 8th Annual Art Festival.  (10)2:23-24.
Tatum, R.M.  1944  Southern Colorado Collections.  (10)2:24-26.
Keech, Roy A.  1944  An Indian Boy Goes to War.  (10)2:27.
Criswell, Julia  1944  Navajo Weaver.  (10)2:28.
Sutton, D.A.  1944  A Review of Ancient Man in North America, by H. M. Wormington.  (10)3:29-31.
Watkins, Frances E.  1944  Southwestern Athapascan Women.  (10)3:32-35.
Renaud, E.B.  1944  The Upper Rio Grande Culture.  (10)3:35-37.
Tatum, R.M.  1944  The Petroglyphs of Southeastern Colorado.  (10)3:38-43.
Hurst, C.T.  1944  The Gunnison Collection-XI.  (10)3:43-44.
Hurst, C.T.  1945  Colorado's Old-Timers The Indians Back to 25,000 Years Ago: Chapter I. Introductory.  (10)4:45-48.
Hurst, C.T.  1945  Chapter II How We Find Out About Ancient Coloradoans.  (10)4:49-56.
Renaud, E.B.  1945  About the "Disappearance" of Folsom Man and Folsom Points.  (11)1:1-8.
Tatum, R.M.; Dondelinger, N.W.  1945  Final Report of the Archaeological Survey of Las Animas County, Colorado.  (11)1:12-14.
Taylor, H.W.  1945  A Review of Home in the West, by Harvey Fergusson.  (11)1:15-16.
Rife, Rosemary  1945  Dwelling Place of Warriors.  (11)1:16.
Hurst, C.T.  1945  Completion of Excavation of Tabeguache Cave II.  (11)1:8-12.
Hurst, C.T.  1945  Chapter III How We Date Ancient Coloradoans.  (11)2:18-22.
Hurst, C.T.  1945  Chapter IV Old World Origins of the Ancient Coloradoans.  (11)2:22-29.
Hurst, C.T.  1945  Chapter V Ancient Man in Colorado.  (11)3:31-37.
Hurst, C.T.  1945  Chapter VI The "Dim-Out" in Colorado History.  (11)3:37-42.
Hurst, C.T.  1946  Chapter VII Colorado's First Farmers.  (11)4:44-52.
Hurst, C.T.  1946  Chapter VIII Colorado's First City Builders.  (11)4:52-59.
Wise, O.C.  1946  The 1946 Annual Meeting.  (12)1:1-3.
Tatum, R.M.  1946  Minnesota Trade Material in Colorado.  (12)1:4-5.
Hansen, Claude B.  1946  Southwestern Portrait.  (12)1:5-7.
Hurst, C.T.  1946  The 1945 Tabeguache Expedition.  (12)1:7-16.
Anonymous  1946  The June Meeting in Pueblo.  (12)2:17-18,31-32.
Hurst, C.T.  1946  Chapter IX Colorado's Late Nomadic Hunters.  (12)2:19-26.
Hurst, C.T.  1946  Chapter X What Anyone Can Do To Help the Story Along.  (12)2:26-30.
Tatum, R.M.  1946  Geology of the Trinidad Region.  (12)3:33-60.
McConnell, H.N.  1947  A Message from the President.  (12)4:61-62.
Stewart, Omer C.  1947  Objectives and Methods for an Archaeological Survey.  (12)4:62-75.
Renaud, E.B.  1947  A Review of Apes, Giants and Man, by Franz Weidenreich.  (12)4:76-78.
Kemble, Horace  1947  Indian Trees.  (12)4:78-79.
Phillips, Richard  1947  A Review of Poemas de Santa Fe, by Roy A. Keech.  (12)4:79.
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