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CAS Quarterly Meetings - 2017

October 27-29, 2017
at History Colorado, Denver -- ANNUAL MEETING
Denver Chapter hosting

Denver Chapter website -- Register Online, or through Mail

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July 15, DOLORES
Minutes forthcoming ...

April 29, SALIDA
Minutes forthcoming ...

Minutes forthcoming ...


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July 23, PUEBLO
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April 23, DENVER
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January 23, NIWOT
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October 10 DURANGO

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April 25 SALIDA

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January 31 PUEBLO


September 26, 27 COLORADO SPRINGS

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April 12 NIWOT

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January 18 DENVER

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Items Needed at CAS Annual Meeting, October 27-29, 2017

posted September 3, 2017

Items needed for Silent Auction

An important part of the CAS annual meeting at the end of October will be a silent auction and the money which is earned from the auction will be used by the Alice Hamilton Fund for scholarships to college students in archaeological fields. It is important that there be as many items as possible and your donation will make a difference.

DROPOFF: The event is at History Colorado at 1200 Broadway, Denver, CO. Your donations can be dropped off there on Saturday morning, October 28, or on Friday evening, items can be delivered to 1961 South Marion Street, Denver, CO near Downing and Evans.

ITEMS: Small or large, anything is appreciated. Archaeological items are welcome such as pottery, anything with rock art designs, books etc. Other items are welcome too. Someone might like to lead a great field trip that people could bid on. Please have an idea of the value or the amount you think a starting bid should be. If you cannot deliver the items, a way will be found to get them to the museum. And be sure to plan on bidding on many other exciting items. Thanks so much.

Contact Betsy Weitkamp for more information.


Phone: (303) 722-1656


Alice Hamilton Scholarship
Fundraising Success!

posted November 22, 2016

Annual Meeting - 2016 Raffle

Colorado scholars were generously supported again at the CAS Annual Meeting in October with the deposit of $5,776 into the 2017 Scholarship fund.

The 2016 Raffle winner was Warren Nolan (Pueblo Chapter) who won the "Zebra Sentinel" decorative Raku Art Pot.

See the flyer for more information about the Silent Auction and the Raffle Prize:
2016 Raffle Flyer and Winner


Education Grants for CAS Chapters
posted October 16, 2014; updated July 27, 2016


Education grants, up to $250 per year, are available to chapters looking to add to their educational activities or start building resources for an educational project.

Please review the guidelines before submitting an application: Education Grant guidelines

The application form is available here: Education Grant application form

Contact Aaron Theis for more information:


Help Wanted - Alice Hamilton Scholarship Committee
posted May 1, 2015 -- updated August 16, 2015

The Alice Hamilton Scholarship Fund Committee is looking for two new members who are willing to take on a lead role in our fund-raising activities.

Position 1: Raffle/Games Manager
Position 2: Silent Auction Manager

Fund-raising has been done by Terri Hoff for many years, but she is now wanting to relinquish the duties to some “new blood.”

The successful applicants will be trained/mentored by Terri this year, and take over in 2016 (with assistance if needed or desired).

See the Details and Contact Info in the HELP WANTED Position Description document.


Tree-Ring and Radiocarbon Sites - Four Corners - Databases
posted December, 2015

Public versions of the Radiocarbon and Tree-ring database sites for the Four Corners, showing who was where, when. Please provide email feedback to Mike Berry on what you liked and how to improve the site.




Dr. Holly Norton named State Archaeologist
posted August 7, 2015

Dr. Holly Norton

On June 25, 2015, Dr. Holly Norton was named State Archaeologist and Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer for the State of Colorado. She assumed her new role on July 1.

Dr. Norton is taking over from Dr. Richard Wilshusen, who served as the State Archaeologist for four years.

Read about her background in the History Colorado announcement: Dr. Holly Norton


New Facebook page for State CAS
posted May 4, 2015 -- updated November 24, 2015

Join us!          Like us!

Share some posts!
Share pictures and albums!

Over 1,000 Members, as of November 24, 2015

Visit the page and invite your Friends: State CAS Facebook page


Northern Pueblos Trip 2015 - CAS
A Photographic Journey
posted July 5, 2015

Northern Pueblos trip

"The Northern Pueblos of New Mexico"

CAS Field Trip to the Northern Pueblos - June 2015

See the photographic documentary of the people, places, and events visited in northern New Mexico. Trip leaders Karen Kinnear and Anne Robinson.

by Bob Dundas

66 pages, 15 MB in size

Sites depicted: Bandelier National Monument, Tsankawi, Ku Owingeh, Tsi-p'in-owinge, Ghost Ranch, Poshuowinge, Burnt Mesa, La Cieneguilla Petroglyphs, Pojoaque, Arroyo Hondo, and Pueblo San Marcos.

Trip Participants donated $725.00 to the Alice Hamilton Scholarship Fund.

View the PDF file:
The Northern Pueblos of New Mexico


Chaco Field Trip 2014 - CAS
A Photographic Journey
posted June 11, 2014

"Chaco - A Photographic Journey"

CAS Field Trip to Chaco Canyon - May 2014

See this beautiful series of photographs of the trip, highlighted with trip comments, and quotes taken from a book about Chaco Canyon.

by Bob Dundas, Chipeta Chapter

52 pages, 42 MB in size

Some Sites depicted: Casa Rinconada, Chaco Rock Art, Chaco Roads and Stairs, Chetro Ketl, Pueblo Alto, and many others ...

Trip Participants donated $702.50 to the Alice Hamilton Scholarship Fund.

Click the blue text to view the PDF file:
Chaco - A Photographic Journey


OAHP and History Colorado Event Calendar
posted April 9, 2014

OAHP and History Colorado are again hosting an Event Calendar to publicize as many activities for Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month as can be assembled.

All CAS chapters are encouraged to include their events on the calendar.

The following web page both allows you to view the entire statewide calendar, and to submit your chapter's events to be added to the list.

Submit events to the: Event Calendar

Photographs Needed of National and State Register Sites

To facilitate an digital update to our state Register database, CAS members are requested to submit recent photographs of Register sites to Heather Peterson, Register Historian, History Colorado.

Heather Peterson at or 303-866-4684

A list of Registry sites is on the OAHP website: